Have you been considering painting your home? There are several things to consider before doing so. Read on to find out just some of the considerations you might want to think about before painting your home.

10 Things to Consider

Though this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, here are a few things to consider before repainting your home’s interior if you are located in Washington state:

  1. Be Sure to Prep

Prep matters – even if you are getting your paint professionally done. Move furniture to the center of the room, covering them if possible. It is also a good idea to wipe walls down from any dirt, dust, or oils that may have accumulated there over time.

  1. Test and Test Some More

Testing colors is critical to ensuring you are happy with the end result. Get samples and color swatches to ensure you like the color in your space before moving forward with painting the entire room.

  1. The color is Good!

In this day and age of all-white walls, many people are afraid of color. Color isn’t always a bad thing, especially in moderation. It can often add a great flair to a home.

  1. Consider Using Primer

Though it can add cost, the primer does make the paint go on easier, as well as last longer. It is a good consideration. Your paint professional can help you learn more about it.

  1. Supplies Matter

Invest in the right supplies or ensure your paint professional has the proper supplies. Good quality paint brushes, as well as sturdy ladders, make a huge difference in efficiency and safety.

  1. Consider the Lighting in the Room

When choosing a color, think about if the room gets a lot of natural light or not. If it does not, consider going with a lighter color to ensure the home doesn’t feel too dark.

  1. Think About the Finish

The finish is an important detail when selecting paint. Ensure the finish is what you’d expect, be it hard and flat or glossy. A safe option is “eggshell” which is right in the middle.

  1. Ventilate Properly

Ensure your home is ventilated properly. If possible, open windows to minimize exposure to fumes. Fans can also help with this.

  1. Furniture Fit

Think about whether your paint color matches your existing furniture. If it doesn’t, is that OK? Do you care? Do you need to buy new furniture? If so, be sure to factor that into your cost.

  1. Don’t Mix Old/New

Mixing old and new paints can be tempting to save money, but at the end of the day, it’s a bad idea. Old paints can contain lead, which is unsafe to breathe and you should ensure immediate and proper disposal of this type of paint or any paint you are unsure of containing lead.

Greater Eastside Painting Can Help

Founded in 2016, Greater Eastside Painting was created with the mission to be the change we wished to see in the painting industry. Specifically, we believe there is an unfortunate lack of professionalism and integrity throughout the industry. This is what sets our team apart from the rest; not only do we perform really quality work, but we also really care about each of our clients. From actually showing up when we say to provide a warranty to the way our painters interact with you, we are truly proud of the way we do business.

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