Can You Paint Cabinets Without Sanding?

can you paint cabinets without sanding in Mill Creek, WA

Painting your cabinets can be a relatively inexpensive way to totally refresh your kitchen and provide it with a whole new look. If you’ve begun the process of researching the “how” behind painting kitchen cabinets, you probably have seen the severe warnings to “sand first before doing anything else.” But, is this warning actually something […]

7 Easy Ways for Interior Painting to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

7 Easy Ways for Interior Painting a small room to look Bigger

If you have a small room in your home, are you looking for ways to make it bigger? Have you considered that painting it in a certain way might be able to make it appear bigger? Believe it or not, this can be done with the right painting techniques and strategy. Read on to learn […]

10 Things to Consider Before Repainting the Interior of a House in WA

10 things to consider before repainting the Interior of a house in WA

Have you been considering painting your home? There are several things to consider before doing so. Read on to find out just some of the considerations you might want to think about before painting your home. 10 Things to Consider Though this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, here are a few things to consider before […]