Painting your cabinets can be a relatively inexpensive way to totally refresh your kitchen and provide it with a whole new look. If you’ve begun the process of researching the “how” behind painting kitchen cabinets, you probably have seen the severe warnings to “sand first before doing anything else.” But, is this warning actually something to be heeded? How critical is it that you sand your cabinets before doing anything with paint? Well, read on as we discuss this very topic in this blog.

About Painting Cabinets

As discussed, painting cabinets can be a great option to refinish your kitchen for less money than totally replacing them, as replacing cabinets can be several tens of thousands of dollars. However, repainting cabinets isn’t for all cabinets. Before painting, check to see if your cabinets are in relatively good shape. If they are and if you’re happy with the shape, you can probably make a way to paint them! For bonus points, you can also add new hardware to elevate your new kitchen’s look and feel even more.

Can You Paint Cabinets Without Sanding?

So, let’s get into it: can you paint without sanding? The short answer to this question is “yes,” but it does come with some severe cautions. Most importantly, it is a good idea to ensure you know the type of cabinet you are painting. Is the cabinet unfinished or raw? Has it been painted before? Is it the finish that the manufacturer put on it? Be sure to try to determine this before moving on.

If it is a raw, unfinished cabinet, then no sanding is needed! These were built to be painted by you, so go ahead and begin painting. If it is not unfinished, evaluate if the paint on it is peeling or extremely shiny. If it is, it’s better to go with light sand before getting started with paint.

If you’re dead set on not sanding, there are some ways to get around this with extreme cleaning. The best way to clean a cabinet to avoid sanding is to use mineral spirits and a rough sponge. This will give it a sanding-like effect without actually sanding. In addition, you’ll be cleaning the cabinets at the same time – talk about a 2-for-1. You might be unpleasantly surprised by what is on your kitchen cabinets and you likely don’t want to just paint this into them with your new paint.

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